Creative Wheel


Our mission is to teach, inspire and motivate individuals of all ages to become fully aware of their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being so that they can become artists of their own lives. Our new team building approaches are simple but require practice and commitment. Creative Wheels philosophy embraces the ecopsychology movement and the gestalt and shamanic holistic model of consciousness.

We believe that full well-being can be achieved by re-connecting with nature through a series of team building games and recreation activities, either athletic, artistic, cultural or contemplative. We teach individuals to take control of their lives by having them experience activities that develop self-awareness in the here and nowÃÂ, imagination and creativity the results being a better rounded, self-confident individual, ready to transform lifes obstacles into life's challenges. Our counselling and services and special workshops acknowledge the uniqueness of each participant.

For individuals people that are not creative thinkers, we very often marvel-or maybe shake our heads-at individuals that may solve problems in new and inventive ways. Obviously, creative thinkers don't always solve the problem at hands. Possibly they're going off on several tangents and get off track until they have stumbled upon a totally new subject. It may be frustrating to try to have a creative thinker on task, but when it can be done, the rewards could be great. For example, you might want to possess a discussion by what kind of building material might be best for the new building. You've simplified careful analysis aluminum siding or brick, but the creative thinker inside your group really wants to start another discussion how wonderful it might be to purchase some kiln brick and have the ability to hands-fire pottery within the courtyard of the new building.

Although this may be considered a wonderful idea, it certainly does not assist with the job at hands: what building material to select. But such is existence with a few creative thinkers. They are able to do their finest work when they are less concerned about putting constraints on their own thinking-and much more concerned about utilizing their brain how they know best.

Many scientists would reason that creative thinkers don't merely appear diverse from the relaxation people, they really will vary. Some research has shown that creative thinkers have more brain activity within the right side of the brain than more systematic thinkers. This brain activity leads an innovative thinker to see problems in a different way than the others, resulting in totally new trains of thought. Instead of systematically wearing down an issue, an innovative thinker will frequently mull the issue over until they are available to some profound moment of clearness. But creative thinkers aren't only artists or people who spend many of their time on potters wheels. No, you'll have a creative thinker in business suit in a lender as you'll be able to within an artisan community. Problems exist everywhere, in the business community towards the home. Creativity might help in most these programs.